“We travel to Bloomington, MN from Buckingham, IA and one of our “hot spots” to visit is always Droolin’ Moose. I have delivered tubs to friends and relatives when I get home and everyone loves them! I also love my t-shirt and thermal cup!”

"Hot Spot" Hitter

“Ever since we walked in the door on the first day you were open, we’ve been -flag-waving fans!! Hands down best chocolate ever! Lloyd’s favorite are the Mint Melters. Mine are the Mud Puddles, no- the Toffee Timber, wait, no it’s the Amaretto By Morning Pecans. Oh shoot, I can’t pick just one!!”

Chocolate Flag Waver

“Best chocolate ever! Anytime friends or family visit from out of town, Droolin’ Moose is one of our first stops (and there’s usually a second visit because we eat everything before they can take it home.) And any time I need a special gift or thank you present for someone, it always includes a jar or two of Droolin’ Moose!”

Gift Eater

“This is one of my favorite chocolate places! When I have relatives over from Scotland, we visit and so far EVERYONE has loved them so much, that I have to bring them over for people. I love showing people your stores, I also love to taste test things. Yum, Yum!!”

International Traveler