Do you know someone who has given their all while continuing to move forward against all odds? Or someone who has been dealt more than their share of challenges whether it be health, financial or emotional stress?  Or someone in need of a little sweetness in their life as encouragement (who doesn’t need that)?

The Moose is listening and wants to hear what you have to say about a friend, co-worker, relative – anyone – anyone whose day will be brightened with chocolate. Fill out the nomination form completely and click “submit”.  We will only contact you again if your nomination has been selected.  The size of the gift and recipient will be chosen accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all nominations will make the cut, but feel free to submit nominations when they arise. Who wants to read about this? Well….EVERYONE! The winning stories will be shared on our FB page (without any names of course) in order to spread positive vibes for our followers in addition to letting them show support for your nomination. Each time a nomination is selected, the person who nominated them will be notified that a gift will be going out to their candidate.

In our world, not everyone gets a trophy – but some are entitled to a gift of chocolate.

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